Here at SeaHermit we are fortunate to have a wide range of technical and scientific knowledge and experience. Beyond our technological focus all of the partners are trained scientists. We are available to analyse technical reports in our areas of expertise and to offer advice to companies and institutions on relevant contacts or potentially fruitful avenues of research.

Our scientific specialties


  • Geographical information systems
  • Remote sensing
    • Airborne
    • Satellite
    • Multi-spectral
    • Infrared
      • Thermal
      • Shortwave
      • NIR
  • Environmental modeling
    • Stream and sediment models
  • Climate
  • Forest
  • Species Climate envelopes
  • Marine habitats
  • Environmental services
    • Carbon
    • Water


  • Independent data validation
  • Statistical services
    • Goodness of Fit
    • Bootstrapping Models
    • Linear and Non-linear models
  • Web-authoring services
    • Automated processing of Word (*.doc), PowerPoint (*.ppt), OpenDocument (*.ods) into web pages for publishing onto the web or intranet.
  • Graphing services
    • Convert any data array exactly into the graph that you want complete with annotations, error bars and colour schemes
    • Batch formatting of a data set
  • Formatting of documents into the electronic Common Technical Document
  • ElectroCardioGraphy services for any 3-,5-,7- or 12-lead configuration
    DISCLAIMER: This information cannot be used to diagnose a patient or influence the treatment decision thereof
    • Digitisation of paper records to cartesian co-ordinates
    • Waveform analysis
    • Arrhythmia detection according to the Lambeth convention
    • 3d modelling of ECG signal
    • Interval analysis; RR, PR, P-wave duration, QRS, JT, QT, QT corrected for any given correction including log regressions and QTbtb, Tpeak-Tend
    • Axial deviation
  • Hardware advice; amplifiers, sensors, software
  • Hardware setup
  • Noise reduction services for electrophysiological experiments services. Including the implementation of:
    • Active electrode systems
    • Twisted pair configurations
    • Faraday cages
    • Filter analysis
  • Custom coding for experimental paradigms to be run within the Matlab SIMULINK environment
  • ElectroEncephaloGraphy services.
    DISCLAIMER: This information cannot be used to diagnose a patient or influence the treatment decision thereof
    • P300 detection